Madz as a result of Typo Cancer B.

The WarningEdit

This notice is to provide you with a suitable warning, as the infamous Typo Cancer Mode B has spiraled out of control. Last week, people were making typo's as normal, with Madz still highly infected with the Typo-related virus. However, now people are completely 'going off the rails' - Barry today thought his lunch banana was his mop, and vice versa. Eugene mistook his penis for a pencil and used it to write his name at the bottom of a declaration. Funny, but disturbing things are gripping the Mansion lately like the cold grip of death itself.

The main focus, and biggest threat to everyone at the moment is Madz. It is thought she is now in stage X of the supervirus, which has turned her completely crazy. She now possesses the strength of 12 Mikes, and instead of Mary haunting Madz, Madz now haunts Mary. Mary woke up to this image* this morning, which she describes only as 'scaring the death out of her'.

The alarms have been ringing at The Mansion of Delights for 36 hours now, and many people are getting headaches. This is the least of their problems for Madz is now on a rampage, killing anything she can muttering iii wiiiiiil khiiilll uuuuhe! :S

Donna Newcome was the first victim, and the one to alert us to the outbreak. She was testing Madz on her daily Typo exams, when Madz accidentally snapped the pencil she was using to write. Madz apologized, looking embarrassed however angry at the same time. Donna went to comfort Madz, to which Madz grabbed her by the throat and threw her across the room. It was final; Typo Cancer Mode B had mutated and gotten stronger. Donna sounded the alarm and gave us a brief broadcast from inside the 'classroom' before being torn in half by Madz herself. The interesting part is that Madz had a 'shadow' behind her, perhaps the Typo morphing and growing inside her? It could only be a matter of a small amount of time before it breaks loose and causes the Mansion - no, the earth - catastrophic damage.

What can you do?

-If you see Madz or anyone infected with the Typo Cancer, please stay away from them! When it is safe, alert the Mansion security team (Mike, Mikelle, Scran, Walton, or Gruejor) OR a Mansion CEO on the number 170. After help arrives, you will be taken to a safe zone and tested for the virus. Please stay calm; this is for everyone's safety. If you are clear of Typo Cancer, you will be moved to the safe village while we scour the rest of the Mansion for infected and hopefully we will end the contagion within one week.

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