Alison's horrific face. Please, look away if you are easily squirmish.

About 'Alison Bryson'Edit

Alison, apart from the obvious facial problem, is a lovely woman. She is stationed in the office of Perpetual Negro-esque Janitoral Problems. We refer to this room as the J room for short, and Alison keeps watch in there for the most part of every day.

Our attention was brought to Alison however, one day when Barry alerted us she had been acting 'weird'. Upon discovering Alison feasting on dead Gruejor skin, we tried to restrain her and bring her to the bnKlinic for medical evaluation. Alison got angry and killed two of our security team; we used Mike to transport her to the bnKlinic eventually.
Arriving at the bnKlinic, Alison had bled all over Mike's trousers and arms. Mike look disgusted when he put Alison down in a bed, to which he walked off and a shower could be heard turning on. Alison's face had completely been removed, showing only muscle and tissue. Barry backed away and threw up instantly. Our nurses and doctors tried their best to inject Alison with a calming remedy, but nothing seemed to work. We tested Alison for Typo, nothing. Mike-rage? Clean. Just what was wrong with Alison?

After a long conversation with Alison, Rich told us she was depressed and feeling generally shitty. With a face that can be removed at will, thus putting you in instant and incredible pain, who wouldn't feel bad all the time? Alison, while being used to the pain now said something disturbing was eating her... She wouldn't say what.

We strapped Mike's dog with a bnKam for an experiment. He entered Alison's J room once daily, to check if things were okay. They were for about a week. Then it all changed.

Alison was being visited, or rather 'haunted' by some form of spirit. We couldn't see the spirit, but one day when Mike's dog returned, we watched a chilling video footage tape.
Alison had somehow 'frozen' the dog, and made it focus on her *see picture for a still of the video*
In the short, 9 second video, Alison is heard chanting a name. Urbarax, Urbarax... Then on eight seconds, a flash is seen and an evil spirit face smashes the camera lens.

Alison tells us, after this incident she ripped her face skin off and saw maggots crawling around inside her face-muscle. She was given a knife by the spirit and she tried to carve them from her own face, causing more pain and disfigurement. Urbarax must be stopped. A full report on Urbarax is soon to come.