The evil, sadistic, and cunning, Ant & Dec.

About 'Ant & Dec'Edit

  • Take a moment to look at this photograph. Before you begin, make sure you examine Ant & Dec's faces. The eyes. The smile. Their facial expression together. Take 10 seconds or so doing this.

Thank you.

These are the faces of 2 psychotic animals. Known for their power in mind control, Ant & Dec perform the 'Smile & Kill' technique which can be seen in the photograph mentioned earlier. Ant controls the left side of your brain, where Dec has crippling control of the right side of your brain. The combined power is enough to make you feel like a stringed-puppet as they then control you with their eyes and smiles.

Before meeting Dec, Ant was a magician from the age of 12 where he began with novelty tricks using a deck of cards. He advanced quickly, learning that he had something most other people didn't have. By 20, Ant had mastered everything there was to know about magic. He knew so much that he taught himself how to possibly kill somebody - just by looking at them. He practised for a while on his pet hamsters, killing them both using his mind control.

Dec was a loner. A genius at birth. He could play the piano at expert level aswell as other instruments, but that was natural, Dec was always 15 years ahead of the School kids, being smarter than University Students at the young age of 5 and that's what made Dec special.

Dec taught himself the ability to read people, through even the smallest action such as the way a person blinked or what they wore that day. He could tell you your deepest secret just by looking into your eyes, but Dec also has something special - like Ant.

Dec has the ability to control your whole body, even the words that come out of your mouth. One known action of this was when Dec was 21, he raped and punished a female of the same age. He controlled her to do everything, and she did. The female was aware of what she could see, but her actions are automatic under Dec's control. Her tears fell from her eyes as she fucked him for 17 hours straight.

Ant & Dec appear in The Mansion on ANY Corridor. They loom towards you and have instant control of your body. It is possible to evade, but you have to be really quick, hold your breath and close your eyes in order to escape the paralysis.

Currently, they have Barry hanging in the Lobby Area by his underpants. He has been swinging for 4 hours saying, "I can fly, I can fly!"