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About 'Ask Jeeves'Edit

Much like a wishing-well, you throw a penny down this deep muddy hole and make a wish. If your wish is acceptable and realistic, it will come true. - If you ask to become rich or ask for something silly (like sex) amongst other demanding wishes, you will meet Ask Jeeves.

Jeeves is a male Fairy that teeters upon good and evil. Jeeves has a mystical soul being the only entity to refuse access into Heaven. He was then banished and sent directly to Hell, but had the courage and power to trick the Devil into making a deal inbetween Heaven and Hell - to remain on Earth for eternity, granting wishes to those that need it most.

The money dropped into Jeeves' pit doesn't go to any use. Over time, the coins have sank deep into the Earth and has piled up wedged in clay and mud. The floor at the bottom of the hole is layered with a sheet of metal causing a 'ding' from the dropped coins, waking Jeeves up from his slumber to which he listens intently to what the people want.

  • This picture attached displays a bad-turn. A wish asked from Barry, "Please God, let me get out of this place. I want to spend my money and live in a big house with a beautiful wife, a car and children..."
    Ask Jeeves only emerges if the Devil contacts him and with Barry's demanding wish, caused Jeeves to crawl out to pull Barry into his hole.

When crawling out, Jeeves screams as if burning in intense flames - in demand of the Devil, he suddenly possesses Demonic powers. For example with Barry; he can't run away, can't speak, can't blink and has no say in the matter whatsoever. He simply has to accept fate.

Richelle asked Ask Jeeves for Walton to hold off on being so disgusting to the Children. Her wish came true (somewhat).