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Barry, the Baptist.

About 'Barry the Baptist'Edit

On a holy day like Sundays, Barry likes to dress up as a man of the cloth and piss off an already pissed-off Peter. Peter generally gets in a fuss anyway, but as he HATES religion and anything to do with it, he goes extra mad at Barry. Barry gets a varied torrent of abuse, including racial slurs. What's more, Mike ALWAYS has to step in and intervene.

Barry slipped on his priest attire and began 'preaching'. As he was on bnKamera #4, he thought he'd give us a good comedy show. Eugene, Scran, Mike and Rich sat round a table in the bnKontrol room and got comfortable. Barry started off by calling Peter up to the podium he was standing on.
Fuck off you runt Peter shouted.
Barry smiled, and looked up towards the heavens (as pictured). He then recited a piece from the holy bible, and Peter got very infuriated.
Oi cunt! Yea, you, you cunt! Shut your fucking mouth! Peter said. Barry once again smiled before saying praise the Lord! and moving his hands in a priestly manner.
Peter sighed, closed his eyes for a second and cupped his eyes in his right hand. He then said the following before swinging for Barry;
You're giving me a headache, darkie. Just fuck off alright? Take your homo bullshit religion with y-!

As Peter swung for Barry's face, Barry the Baptist flinched and then looked down. Mike had tackled Peter to the ground, and as he did so, he allowed Peter one more sentence. The last words of Peter were used, saying That's still pretty homo! God is homo!!!!
Peter was rushed out of the room, in Mike's arms screaming for justice.

We have left Peter in the cool-down room of negotiations and past memories. He sits there, effing and jeffing, while scratching his nails along the desk he sits at.