-5 packets of chicken breast fillets

-BBQ Chilli Sauce -Special BnK Sauce -10 jalapeños -Mexican Cheese -Lettuce/tomatos -Spicy tortilla wraps

This gave Craig Lampton a dangerous bowel. Bowels that can't grasp what it is it was trying to digest, and with this danger brought countless toilet visits including the final visit that Craig made. This final visit was the poo that destroyed Craig as a person, but he just won't give up. It's been 3 weeks since Craig sat down to poo out the BnK Fajitas and he's looking rougher than an actual zombie.

What was it in the fajitas then? The jalapeños? The mexican cheese? -- No. It was the special sauce, crafted by Scientist and part-time Chef Ahmed Demha.

His secret plan was to make an event called 'Mexican Night', with outfits and face paints and fun for all the Members, just with a little twist.

His BnK Sauce has tomatos and natural spices in it with a gorgeous flavour that tingled your tongue. The viewable disaster is an oily substance that if poured onto a piece of paper, the oily liquid seperates from the tomato and can be removed safely. Wrapped in a fajita - there's no way to tell. The oil comes from sweat particles of the dead bodies from the Pit of Purely-Deceased Gentlemen. Taken from their brains that had settled at the bottom of their skulls, Ahmed Demha takes this oil and uses it to experiment with for future medicines etc. Only this time he cooked it and fed it only to Craig Lampton. The results are as followed:

*Craig, 3 weeks today remains on the toilet. His body has started to deteriorate entirely, in his seated position we can tell that his spine may possibly be broken or 'locked' into position. The smell that is coming from this toilet is the most bewildering of scents, apparently the stench itself contains harmful toxins that if inhaled, infect your lungs instantly causing you to rot away like Craig himself.

Still living, Craig has remained seated and will remain here from now on. He can talk, still sounding completely normal and fluent saying his now famous quotes, "Yeah man, I'll be out in a minute..." and the classic yet, "I think we'll need more toilet roll."

If you happen to use these toilets, there is a box in the Corridor containing gasmasks. This is for your safety. Please return them back to the box when finished, thank you.