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Mia Miawoka.

About 'Chinny Chin-Chin'Edit

Reynold Storbank
Guest #142067
Status: Deceased

Reynold, an avid ghost hunter from Tennessee chose to visit The Mansion last week in search of finding an old legend. The legend of Chinny Chin-Chin.

Chinny Chin-Chin dates back to 1843 and has remained a mystery since that time. A time when young Mia Miawoka, a Japanese girl had been savagely murdered at her home in Osiuka, Japan. Every limb of Mia was cut off and separated from her abdomen, spaced out across her own living room floor in a human-shape but elongated through the length of the room. Her toes and fingers were spaced out from the knuckles, breasts slit off, the kneecaps were separate from the shin and thigh and the rest of the body followed suit.

When discovered by her parents, Mia was still breathing having been kept attached to her abdomen. With seconds of life left in her not-so body she muttered, "....It's still in here."

Mia's parents never found out why it happened and a month later from the death of their daughter, the same thing happened to them. Found spread about the room dissected and bloody.

Crimescene photos revealed horrifying images of a face showing up near the faces of the victims. A strange vivid and pale face, streaked with black lines of some sort that looked directly at the camera.

Everybody involved in the Miawoka case died in the same way, including anybody who has seen her face in the photographs.

To the newer victims, a new addition to the murders were the chins of people being found sliced off and placed in their mouths, and with their tongues removed accordingly. This brought the name Chinny Chin-Chin and it lasted up until 1925, when the last known case of this type of murder was recorded.

The Mansion has a collection of items from the Chinny Chin-Chin era, items from crimescenes and even special novelty comicbooks that fans made. This is on the Miawoka Corridor, a half-mile long dark and roomless corridor. All but one room, where the items are stored safely at the far end.

Reynold Storbank visited last week and asked to sleep in a tent in Miawoka Corridor. We allowed it and he stayed just 3 nights before something happened. We found him on his 5th night dead in an extremely artistic and creepy way, separated limb from limb but hung up and placed strategically in a 'fence' of thick copper wire. It was stabbed through every one of Reynolds bodyparts and was designed in a spiderweb fashion, with himself placed in a human body shape and raised upward like some form of statue.
The security camera filming this Corridor saw only darkness throughout, until it captured *this photograph displayed below.

Reynold's chin was not found in the copper wire, still it remains lost.