The Dinosaur.

About 'Dinoshower'Edit

Challenge #10: Shower with a Dinosaur, created by Paul Cronus Junior

-Do not touch Dinosaur -Do not look at Dinosaur
-Do not get Dinosaur wet
-Do not move Dinosaur
-Do not disturb Dinosaur

Obide by these rules and you will have a successful shower. However, for Madz this was a challenge proven too-tough. She now lives in the acidic stomach of Dinosaur, being dissolved as this message goes out to all Mansion Members.

Dinosaur is genuine, from 120BC and has survived in a frozen chamber deep beneath the sea. Diver, Submarine Professor and famous doctor Ahmed Demha released Dinosaur last week stating, 'It's time,' meaning The Mansion was ready for a prehistoric beast to be unleashed and to cause havoc amidst guests and members alike. However, Dinosaur charged toward the shower rooms and sat under the hot spray of water unable to move. Probably used to the cold rain of before-Christ times.

Dinosaur wouldn't move from here, therefore we created the Challenge thenafter. Madz, now older and more gutsy decided to take on the challenge. What a mistake that was...

Dinosaur was sat as it is *pictured, when Madz nakedly and slowly stepped into the tub. Dinosaur nervously watched as her now teenage feet crept into the hot spray of water. The drops trickled her body and wet her hair against her face and body. Looking confident, moreover like a drowned rat, she grabbed a bottle of Lynx 2012 shower gel and popped the lid open...
The click of the lid made Dinosaur panic. It swung around quickly, bashing Madz with its giant and solid face. The Lynx bottle flew outside of the tub and Madz was tossed down like the aforementioned bottle itself. Collapsing onto her knees, Dinosaur nuzzled her softly; though the sheer strength of the nuzzle was like a crane picking her up. Madz naked body flapped up and down, smashing up and outside of the bath. She attempted to run but failed having slipped on the tiled floor pathetically.

Dinosaur acted quickly and ate her instantly, swallowing her whole without thought.

Do you dare to Challenge Dinosaur?