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Earl Grey.

About 'Earl Grey'Edit

A nice, brewed cup of tea some might say. They might. But Earl Grey wouldn't.

Earl died in 1911 and reigned from 1830 when he was born. What he created was a special type of drink, new to the common folk and brewed with extra tending of the richest and finest ingredients. It was a different form of heated liquid, which around those times were mainly used for medicinal purposes. He didn't name his product, but his customers knew to visit Earl Grey if they wanted a brew. So, what brought Earl his customers?

-Tea leaves
-Mixed spices

The combination of these ingredients created a sense-inspiring musk. A relaxing drink that relieved stress (or so it seemed) and also to some customers, would make your nose run and clear your sinuses due to the mixed spices.

One more ingredient was discovered AFTER Earl Grey had passed away. The barrel he used to create his drink was taken over by his favourite customer 2 weeks later. The dried up Tea leaves that had solidified around the inside of the barrel contained traces of bones....

-Human bones.

Fans of Earl and constant customers, even his family members and friends had all broke out in a rage. Earl's funeral service was held privately due to the uproar of people wanting to do whatever they could to his now laying corpse. However, nobody could do a thing. He was gone, and he delivered possibly thousands of Human-stirred brews to people which they all enjoyed

Evidence piled up here after. Earl's home was taped off entirely where he owned acres of land and with an underground even below his basement - the land was full of human flesh and organs, which he carefully wrapped with newspaper that he drenched with lemon juice. The lemon juice broke down the skin/body parts which would then disintegrate within the newspaper.
The inside of his house, Earl stored bones upon bones in chests, cupboards and under the floor boards again wrapped in newspaper. There was mainly toe bones, less of finger bones and the majority sum of knee caps and skulls. Notes from Earl described that the knee cap contains a specific fluid with a type of 'skin' that forms once removed. This was great to use in the tea, and a similar process went for the toe bones and skulls.
This is a photograph of Earl Grey (recreated in colour)

The next time you brew a hot mug of Earl Grey tea, just remember this story. Perhaps the ingredients haven't ever changed - maybe they have. The risk is yours to take.