About 'El Chop-Sam'Edit

Old grey moustache. Check. Wrinkly skin. Check. Cigar the size of a baby's arm. Also Check.

El Chop-Sam is a force to be reckoned with, inside the Mansion of Delights. He is invincible within the walls of the great Mansion, and cannot be harmed in any way. Outside however, it is a different story. Sam was discovered during the second world war, dying in a trench of foot-and-mouth disease. He had been riddled with bullets, and shot many many times in the body.

A Scientist rescued Sam from the horrors of war, and restored both his body and mind completely. But with this, came a great price. Sam died on the operating table that day, and so angry at the result, the mad scientist used his body for tests and further developments in the Mansion. A strain of DNA was used to create Mike, for example.

El Chop-Sam walks the coridoors each night, with his razor sharp arms and fiery moustache cursing and swearing at anyone coming near. If anyone dares to challenge him, he cuts them into pieces and absorbs their soul. As a result, El Sam should be considered dangerous on approach, and stayed away from.

That includes you, Madz.