A small portion of Flow being poured.

About 'Flow'Edit

A weightless, limitless being. Flow is found in water and any other liquids. Flow can literally transform from one entity to another. Dr. Barry Zeus was the founder of this being. In an early report, he stated it was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

Flow was first spotted in the hallway of swinging merchants. A simple bottle of water spawned this creature, and it belonged to a man named Gene Cronfield. As he sipped on the water, his saliva mixed with chemical X-Z which had dripped from the pipes above. The three catalysts formed to create Flow, which slaughtered everyone in the room within seconds. There is CCTV evidence of this massacre in the library of delights.

Flow is uniquely powerful. It can morph into any shape it likes, and produce as much liquid as it likes. Therefore its powers are unlimited. On the CCTV tape mentioned above, Flow is seen propelling itself into the air in the shape of small watery stars, in which it then enters each merchants body, engulfing them in eternal pain (see the Flow chamber). As Flow exits each Merchant, it moves to the next one, infecting them with its lethal-self. Flow is an extremely dangerous Mansion creation, and should be avoided at all costs.