In this photo, Jim Carrey portrays a funnier side to Good Morning!

About 'Good Morning!'Edit

Good morning! Is a new attack, formulated by none other than Walton. When using good morning! - Walton bashes your door down and screams GOOD MORNING! before unravelling his now-elongated penis. Before the victim has time to react, he jams his huge floppy penis into either;

A. The rectum - Usually if target is a male.
B. Vagina - Obviously, if the target is female.
C. Earhole - Either male or female is open to this attack. Extremely painful and usually destroys the victims eardrum. This leads on to Walton's next attack.

Good night!

Good night! Is the attack used by Walton, after good morning! After the aforementioned ear hole treatment, Walton will follow up with a powerful elbow drop, designated and aimed at the temple of the victim. This is designed to insta-kill his prey and send it flying into the Sewers of Delights. He sometimes is seen jumping down a sewer grate after the said victim, perhaps to deliver a final blow or to check the victim is definitely dead.

Our message to you.

The Mansion of Delights would like to issue a warning statement, regarding Walton and his previously mentioned attacks. If you see Walton, do not approach him as he is extremely dangerous. Turn all lamps, fires, and lights off at night so he cannot see you or plan an attack for the morning. Also do not advertise your where abouts; keep noise to a minimum and for absolutely no reason should you remove your underwear at any time, unless in broad daylight and if it is to simply put on a clean fresh pair.
If you come into contact with Walton and survive the experience, help is available for those affected by the events. Please contact Dr. Lucross on 0777598712.

Thank you.