About 'Gus'Edit

Gus is a specific and exceptional breed of Superhuman with precise techniques that keep him defended and protected in battle.

The Gus breed come from an unmarked Island inhabited by just 3 of them. The Island is said to contain smaller versions of the well known and prehistoric beast the Dinosaur, thousands of them that the Gus have to battle on a daily basis. They always win.

Gus showed up at The Mansion for unknown reasons as of yet. His Superhuman abilities have everybody stunned, leaving the likes of Mike and Mikelle scared, The Gruejor completely terrified and Barry even refused a 1 year work-free break after rejecting the job to clean the area where Gus has set camp. He can be found outside Gruejor Cave, usually he will sit for hours on end - and then stand* as pictured below. So far, we have no idea what's going on.

Researching further into Gus we discovered that his Superhuman abilities are weighed entirely on whether he wears his mask. With or without the mask that is made of Dinosaur skull, Gus still has freakishly inhuman abilities, such as:
-Lightning fast reflexes
-Speed and agility of 15,000 sharks
-Has 30 senses, instead of the normal human 5
-The spirit world (ghosts, demons) are nonexistent
-Can manipulate the human brain and control people at will (only with mask)

Whether Gus stays or decides to leave it's clear that he is a dangerous being, better than anything here at The Mansion. Gus was last seen outside near the main entrance crouching down with his hand on the side of his head. Moments after, he stood back up and returned to his camp at Gruejor Cave. We don't know if he was trying to contact somebody or if it's just something the Gus breed do - we'll wait and see.