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Gutta AKA Guttamouf.

About 'Gutta'Edit

Part of the Homeless mob that infests The Mansion of Delights, Gutta is somewhat of a craftsman as well as leader. He is known to collect a daily supply of urine, poo, and other discarded bodily fluid to make people memoribilia. His most recent creation was a life-size statue of the creature, Wype which lives in the Mansion sewers. The statue is displayed, much to the dismay of many, on the spacious front garden.

Gutta and a mob of others (mostly nobodies apart from No-Teeth Keith) hang around the entrances to the sewers, and at the front gates of the Mansion is where Gutta has made his home. Approximately 50 meters from the front door to the Mansion is the sewer entrance, which is a 6ft tall cave looking entrance into the spiralling, confusing tunnels of the sewers themselves. Gutta brags that he knows his way round these tunnels like 'the back of his hand'.
Gutta asked us to write about him, so here we are. A list of his services are as follows; Small model of you/someone else: £5
Large model of you/someone else: £25
Lifesize model of you/someone else*: £500
*Within terms and conditions. Lifesize models must not go beyond the 10ft by 10ft boundary.

Gutta also enjoys rallys to try and win the homeless Mansion employees/enhabitants rights to food and shelter. While he is very annoying, we can understand his opinion and why he chooses to fight for it so often. Gutta is also quite intelligent; a far cry from how he looks!