Bludgeon Mary's Mother.

Barry was discovered in Bethany Bathroom last night in the strangest of predicaments. He was found on his hands and knees coughing and choking so much that his body was flopping and thumping up and down in a crazy motion. The weezing sound coming from Barry - which was followed by Bethany's laughter who was happily watching him from her Bog, sounded like a large untied balloon being let go and 'plarping' around the room, mixed with a high-pitched squeeking back-of-the-throat haze.


Hairy Mary

Discovered by Mike's dog Spike and Eugene, he tells the story:

"My main man B was all on the floor jus coughin n shiit, I was like, 'Yo B you aight? Ay B?' but he won't answerin n shiit. I was with Mike's dawg Spike ye? Barkin n jumpin I was all 'yo dawg get! Get!' He got, n ran off n shiit. So, aight aight, I stepped to my main man B, his whole body was jumpin son it was some nasty ass hocus pocus bull. Started tappin my niga on the back n shiit, harder n harder. Man, that shiit was a mistake son! He choked up HAIR. Blonde muhfuckin hair all over this shiit. Some long, some short. I was all 'damn B what you been eatin?!' but he won't answer a niga. Next thaing I know, shiit...some blonde ass hoe behind me! She all full o' hair man! Son, I shit in my pants and I got up outta there! Thought 'fuck that shiit' n saved my own ass."

What Eugene was trying to say, was Hairy Mary had something to do with Barry's collapse. New to The Mansion and with her hair under forensic investigation, we found out Hairy Mary is the Mother of Bludgeon Mary and with that, 102 years old.

We have no idea why she was in Bethany Bathroom but from the eye, she wanted Barry. Hairy Mary uses such moves as 'Razor Hair', choking and binding her victim. 'Hairy Throat' which causes the victim to lose any or all saliva and drying out the body to near-death. 'Hair Scare' which is a personal and magic move, causing the victim to grow hair just like Hairy Mary is. Finally, her finishing move is 'Hairbomb', in which the victim (Barry) witnessed, caused him to collapse in paralysis, choking, crying, coughing and dying - the 4 aims of Hairy Mary.

If you happen to come across Hairy Mary on your stay at The Mansion of Delights - just run. That's what Eugene did and he survived.