Henry Dyson

The photo below shows exactly the kind of man Henry Dyson is. Bitter, cynical, and always pissed-off. But why?

Henry first came to the Mansion of Delights when Barry fell ill, back in May 2014. Barry was unable to work for a good six weeks, and therefore we needed someone to pick up the slack. This is where Henry came in.

Henry arrived at the reception desk, greeted by an especially-beautiful looking Rich and a grunting-as-usual Mike. Richelle had her hair tied in a knot at the top, and distinctively smelt of rose scented perfume that day. Henry looked at Richelle, with the same expression as the photo.

''Room!?'' he grunted. To remain professional, Richelle gave a smile and nodded - as if to pretend Henry hadn't just been extremely rude to her. ''Sure'' she said. ''Mr. Dyson, isn't it?'' Richelle asked nicely. ''You know who I am already, you dumb ass'' Henry snapped back at Richelle.

Mike was visibly getting more and more angry each word Henry said. You could see him twitch multiple times, his claws eventually retracting and his whole muscular body sweating with sheer anger.

Henry turned to Mike; '''Chu looking at you big brawny bastard!?'' Henry asked Mike - clearly the man had a death wish!?

At this moment, Cronus walked in (and perhaps saved Henry from instant death).

''Hello there, Henry'' Cronus said, with a warm smile. ''Bout damn time someone with some sense came and showed me to my room!'' Henry replied. Cronus looked offended for a second, but his eyes showed that he quickly discarded his anger. He looked at Mike, as if to tell him to stand down also. Richelle looked fuming.

Upon arriving at his room, Henry stopped. ''Is this it? I gotta stay in BARRY SLAVERINA'S ROOM!?'' Henry snapped. ''I assure you, Henry.'' Cronus told him- ''This will only be temporary, until we can free up the lounge of delights for you, sir'' he continued.

After this, Henry walked into the room, before slamming the door shut in Cronus' face. Cronus stood staring at the door, with an empty expression on his face. ''Oh man... This one is going to be difficult'' he sighed, before hearing Henry shout from inside the room. Clearly the old janitor's ears were still fresh! ''I heard that, motherfucker!'' Henry shouted back to Cronus.

As Cronus arrived back in the Reception area, Richelle nodded at him as if to say hello. Mike still stood guard. Meanwhile, another new guest was being shown to his room. ''Right this way'' Cronus said, with a warm smile. He went to lead the new guest to his room, when suddenly...

''Why is my fuckin' carpet stained with toothpaste!?'' - Henry was back with a vengeance! Cronus signalled to Mike with a small nod and eye gesture, and Henry was instantly decapitated...

''Nobody disrespects Mr. Cronus'' Richelle said, while fluffing up a pile of documents. ''Nobody''.

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