Hugh, transformed

Swimming effortlessly through tubular systems, Hugh has been slipping through the Sewers where he describes an "incontrollable urge" to pass through many times a day. A feeling he says is unlike no other tube he has swam through before.

Previously, Hugh had a more humane look. His face was round, ribbed and scaly and next to normal. However, having swam through Piping System 27 (the final pipe where ALL sewage waste is disposed of) he complained of feeling 'different'. *This photograph attached shows Hugh's new look. A savage sewer disease has ripped his mouth aside showing more or less all of his teeth and on the side of his head are 3 tentacles sprouting in random positions. His actual head has tripled in size and he explains the following:

"I can barely open my eyes. I can't close my mouth anymore, but I do feel strong, powerful. I have not gained a bad disease, this whatever-it-is has made me feel alive and well and I can squeeze through tubes like never before. The tentacles that have grown on my head protects my face from any sharp objects that I may be swimming directly into which used to be a big problem for me. My new mouth, outstretched and revealing my sharp killer-teeth now puts fear into the enemy. I am no longer just 'Hugh', I am a monster. I belong."

The downside to this NughHugh is the disease now named 'Hughsys' comes with a strong devouring stench of general sewage waste (poo, urine, fish) and the glossy-red look on his skin is actually period blood from the tampons that have infused into him. This is the most overwhelming stench carried on his body and if you look extremely close, you can see trillions of miniature bugs scurrying around the surface. These are 'germies', small infectious bugs that can kill a Human if infected themselves.

Hugh is our new monster not to be tested with. Stepping up in the ranks of danger, we will use Hugh for interrogation purposes and will have tube systems placed into the Cell Blocks #1-15. The Cell Blocks is solitary confinement for our most dangerous members of the Mansion of Delights, we left the tube systems out in case one of the inmates found a way out through there but now, we have Hugh to help us more than he ever has before.

Welcome back, Hugh.