About 'Lou Jones'Edit

The original quote came from suicidal victim and mentally psychotic patient of The Mansion Lou Jones, may he rest in peace - who would set up dangerous games for himself in order to see if he would survive.

Lou informed us that Something is watching me at all times, checking to see if I'm dead yet. It feels like a presence, not an actual thing or person. So, I play these games with myself and when I do play them, it feels like the presence is happy. It goes away once the game is over."

Lou Jones played 87 games with himself before his death and all games were grizzly and painful, all containing blood and of the 87, 40 of them containing torn skin, burns or broken bones. The final game was video captured by Lou himself. At the beginning of the video, he is holding the camera down to his lap displaying nothing but his trousers and rustling sounds. His voice is heard nervously saying, 'This one will definitely be the end...' The camera is then lifted and placed looking at Lou.

'I wanna play a game. My name is Lou Jones, and I am to be tested on Life or Death. In front of me is an empty container, a scalpel and a pair of pliers. What I must do is remove the top set of my teeth, gums included and place it into the container. If I drop a spot of blood anywhere: I lose.'

  • The image captured below displays Lou Jones. He did manage to place his top set of teeth into the container, but the blood that had dripped triggered an automatic blast from out of the camera's view. A gun fired a bullet square-through his right eye socket.

Lou did not win this time.
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Lou Jones.