Jab roni

A possible image of Jab Roni

-Unknown Currently WANTED for murder.

Situated at the Mansion of Delight's lies 3 brutally murdered guests. Their intestines had all been cut and gutted and replaced with old twigs, leaves and sand much like a mummified corpse. All 3 corpses lay like this, including one other significant mark left behind: the words 'Jabroni' carved into their legs by a loose razor blade.

After very early inspection and not enough evidence to submit a case, Cronus, our CEO discovered *this as seen in the photograph below on Camera #5, this camera is filming the Corridor where Barry and other Members reside. So far, Barry is yet harmed.

Jab Roni leaves a messy crime scene of buckets of blood, guts and even the utensils used to dismember his victims - if any more are founded we will shut down to Code Silver Alert in order to capture Jab.

Keep an eye out. Keep safe, -Eugene (BnK Supervisor)