Barry's brief moment of hope, caught on camera.

About 'Janitor Awards Night'Edit

"And, the Award for best Janitor goes to!.........."

  • This picture was taken of Barry before the answer was called out.


When Barry lost, the face he had in this photograph changed instantly. Imagine the complete opposite of what you see in that photo, and that was Barry.

Barry stood up extremely angrily at his table as the whole Award's Hall cheered and congratulated Eugene for being the best Janitor. The applauding dies down and Eugene is stood on stage about to start his speech. He is crying in happiness and is looking around the room as if in absolute bliss...

"Naaw, fock this shit."

A low and very black voice calls out from the middle of the room. The people on the front row of tables all shuffle noisily around to see who didn't agree with this, including Eugene, who stood now with an overwhelming sense of confusion on his face.

"I'm sorry?" says Eugene speaking loud and clear in the microphone.

"Sorry? You ain't sorry. You knew you'd win. Y'alls even prepared a speech. This nigga ain't got no speech? It's a fix, fock it."

Barry turned to leave the Hall when.....

"The actual winner - Barry Slaverina. Get up here man, quick, before we fall out!" says Eugene merrily.

Barry stops still in his storming-out tracks. The camera is now filming the back of him, then he turns around with a tear in his eye and a giant grin on his face. Finally, Barry gets what he deserves!

Eugene continues, "Sadly, Barry just acted like a fuckin' bish and nearly stormed out, so I think I will keep this award. Peace out niggaz." Eugene drops the microphone, letting it squark and squeek against the speakers. Barry was left with mixed feelings, mostly rage as he watched his janitor buddy leave with his award.

Maybe next time, Barry.