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Joe Bana.

About 'Joe Bana'Edit

The newest edition to the Clowns of Delights is Joe Bana, stage name: Hahaha.

Hahaha-Joe Bana arrived yesterday, crashing through the gates on a unicycle whilst breathing into balloons with his mouth as he created balloon vaginas, penises and most creatively, balloon-people-getting-raped.

He cycled clumsily right through the large glass window/door on purpose. The balloon penis and vagina he had made popped under the falling shards of glass, but what looked like a balloon man having sex with another balloon man survived the crash and Hahaha-Joe Bana continued to cycle right up to Richelle who was sat at reception as he elaborated on the balloon-people-getting-raped balloon. Joe could stay in one place on the unicycle whilst cycling in a specific way: this made him look quite energetic and healthy, but his face - *displayed in the image below, burned into Richelle's eyes constantly as his hands automatically crafted such a horrific piece of balloon art.

He quickly halted to a stop and much like a comedic clown, he fell off the unicycle and performed a classic dramatic roll down onto the floor. He lay now, with that same big and crazy smile on his face. He began to speak to Richelle. The voice Joe Bana has is extremely rusted and gravelly, it sounds like he has a slit throat or has suffered some form of accident from the way it came out.
You wanna balloon pretty lady? asked Hahaha.
Who are you and what do you want? Richelle replied as she pushed the 'Mike' button probably 40 times. Then, out of his back pocket Joe pulled 5 skinny long balloons and blew in them all at the same time. With precision and skill, all of the balloons filled quickly and Joe began to create a work of art right in front of Richelle. The first 3 balloons were crafted into a large diamond shape, 2 of them a navy blue and the other gold. With the other 2 balloons, both pink, he made a strangely accurate resemblance of himself and Richelle having sex. Or, Hahaha-Joe Bana raping Richelle as it appeared.

His large smile grew a tiny bit wider as Richelle's face dropped with fear. It was okay, because Mike charged directly through the wall ready to protect the Reception area. Joe then jumped onto his unicycle as fast as Scran, and peddled away at speeds only 7UP can muster. Mike didn't even have time to smell where Joe Bana may of been.

A warning has been issued to watch out for this clown. Hahaha-Joe Bana could be considered dangerous. Take care when wandering The Mansion.