Juang's tear ducts are extremely sensitive that pour tears instead of drip. The condition is called 'Floodiris' and Juang is the only person in the World to suffer from it.

Floodiris has 2 features: -Clean eyeballs -Dry innards

Because of the amount of tears that flood out, Juang's body is practically left parched. He has to replenish the liquid lost or his body will naturally close-down much like an infected computer. The only upside is Clean eyeballs. The tears of Floodiris contain 0% salt. As it pours out, it's as if the eyeballs are being washed thoroughly. Juang Ming has fantastic sight because of this, with the capability enhanced zooming in normal-vision detail.

Juang Ming is kept in a specially made room. The floor is made entirely of steel with slots that run down into the Sewers. His tears pour down these slots and we inform the Sewer Dwellers that it is 'Mountain-fresh Spring water'.

Juang is constantly reminded of Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me a River' song. If you haven't sang it to Juang yet? Make today the day.

"He a bish." -Eugene