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About 'Maggie Sampson'Edit

We have introduced a night-terror to frighten the life out of everybody. Maggie Sampson, who spent ALL of her life savings on surgery to transform herself into a real life version of Marge Simpson from The Simpsons, has joined The Mansion of Delights as a permanent member.

Maggie Sampson is now undercover as Marge Simpson. Maggie Sampson isn't her real name as the real Maggie had previously been accused of murdering 12 of her ex boyfriends and burning their bodies afterwards. Human bones found in her back garden confirmed this, causing Maggie to run away from everything. She left behind everything she had grew to create but took her money that she kept in 2 suitcases. Parting from her life of crime, she is now back with a vengeance and is doing what she does best - murder.

Madz woke up last night and saw a shaded yellow blob bobbing by her bedside. She reached over to her lamp and switched it on, to be presented by *this face looking right at her.
In Marge's classic rusty voice, Maggie spoke.

"You shouldn't of woken up little girl. You need your beauty sleep, don't you? Not anymore. Not anymore you don't."

This was heard on BnKamera #201. The next day, Madz was found inside-out like a peeled tangerine with her guts, organs and limbs all over the bedroom.

Maggie Sampson is coming for everybody, one by one.