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Melanie's StoryEdit

Melanie Deridge was a stunning, beautiful young women who first came to the Mansion at the age of 18. Everything about her was almost perfect; her looks, her intelligence, and her attitude.

One day, an experiment went horribly wrong with her as the main test subject. Melanie was disfigured beyond measure, and to prevent her from committing suicide we placed her in a glass container for a year, trying to rebuild her facial features and stunning body. However, after one year, we had only finished her face.

Melanie has since come to terms with how she now looks, even though various apologies were given to her in different forms. One was Barry promising to sweep her ToX-sick up daily for a year straight, if Eugene promised to do the following year. Eugene declined.
Melanie's powers now include this ToX-sick substance she can 'use' anywhere she likes. All she has to do is throw up over the victim. ToX-sick has been weaponized since and used to battle Wype down in the sewers. Phials of it have been given to Hugh, who keeps Wype in check down there by admitting a phial daily directly to Wype's heart while it sleeps. Melanie got the nickname 'Mel-gogragogg' from her first kill on the Mansion grounds. A cheeky salesman by the name of Tim Clarke tried to offer the Mansion owners money for some land nearby. We sent Mel straight out to greet him. This is where her next attack comes into play. Mel, although she is only a floating head nowadays, can shoot out tentacles, colored much like vines. She calls them 'vynes'. Mel shot out her vynes at Tim, choking him violently and rapidly, in mid-sentence. He had just began to plead with Mel when he started choking him. Hence, Mel-gogragogg!! (Say as if you are being choked).

Mel's last attack is incredible to say the least. Using all her emotion; her anger, sorrow, and rage, she is able to create a blast from her mouth, eyes, and nostrils that has the same strength as a nuclear bomb! The range is tiny, but once Mel locks on to your heat signature, she flies towards you like a homing missile, screaming IT BELONGS TO ME! and YOU WILL FEEL MY PAAAAAAIIIN!. Mike egged Mel on one day, to see how powerful the attack really was. He survived, but described the pain like being hit with a missile at close range. Well observed, Mike.

Mel is now kept in the glass chamber of petrifying screams. Mainly because she screams daily for us to let her out of there. We have to keep her there, though. For everyone's safety. We allow Mel one hour a week to apply makeup to her beautiful face, in which she abides by our rules. Mel is a brilliant defense tool against attacks of the Mansion. Next week, we will test her against 7UP and Handsome and Spitt'l.