A peripheral sight only: Mobacca is the earliest evolution of 'Chewbacca' and is the only singular living Mobacca in the World today. Mo looks very similar to Chew only with just 3 very distinctive differences

-Only seen in peripheral vision -Is said to look like a Demon version of Chewbacca -Could swallow the famous 'Big Foot' in a single gulp

Much like the sound of Chewbaccas 'aaaarruuuggg', Mo makes an ear-splitting, brain crushing screeching sound that is said to emit from the predator-like holes on his cheeks. His hair, or fur is twice the length of Chewie's and grows a jet-black colour which allows Mo to invisibly travel through shadows and dark patches. Demonic Mobacca will only show in the ''did I just see something?'' situation, in which you thought you saw a big hairy demon pierce-staring at you. And Mo will only appear after the ''you look like you've seen a ghost...'' phrase. And lastly ''but if I don't open my eyes and look, something will be there'' when you look, you think you saw something but you 'know' you didn't. Well, you did. It is Mobacca, and he is the Demon watching all of us. If you happen to connect eye contact it'll be your last moments of life, you'll find it hard to breath. Your eyes wont look away or even blink for that matter. As your chest is now tightening up due to panic, Mobacca will loom closer, very, very slowly but certainly closer. You can surely move your hands to grasp the clutching pain in your chest but your fingers are simply limp. Tears, from your straining eyes, will begin to well up and fill, to trickle down your face. By this point, Mobacca has entered your personal bubble but you still just can't move. His hair or fur, thick, knotted, long and outside-smelling begins to ruffle across your frozen stature. His wide slitted eyes blinking vigorously, making a background wet-slapping sound as it happens. The predator mouth of Mo starts to invert and extend outwards, the cheek looks like torn ligaments and its tongue looks like a slab of steak sat in carcass. Mobacca then cuts story short and quickly, yet unknowingly begins to devour you, from head, to toe within seconds. It is as if Mobacca hasn't ate in years and years. Only one legend sits about Mobacca, and it is that no matter how long it takes to loom towards you, you will feel every utter creep and pain about it. Once, Mobacca took 16 days to loom towards victim Jerry Stomworth. Jerry hadn't moved or blinked for 15 days, his body then automatically shut down, his bones had collapsed within themselves and for the 16th day, he was left paralized and painless as Mobacca eventually feasted.