Guests of The Mansion of Delights can spend up to 1 month in visiting, they are then discharged until a full year has passed. For Mr. Williams, he is one of the longest running guests by breaking his 1 month limit by a staggering 12 years. Why don't we kick him out? - We can't.

Mr. Williams (known only by this name) has been here before almost all of the original characters arrived. His personality has kept him living here and we just leave him to it.

He has changed the Guest Room to how he wanted it, a kind of 70's expensive deluxe room which is now considered old and tacky. He has a bell that he rings in which the Maid tends to, making him anything he demands at any time. Mr. Williams speaks in a very old English dialect, understandable but confusing to the likes of Eugene and Barry. He speaks slowly and has a rough undertone, the voice echoes through his musky Room that is constantly smoky through only the finest of tobacco smoke.


One underlining issue with Mr. Williams is his very traditional take on Females. He believes Women should treasure a Man and treat them like Kings until proven worthy of even slightly becoming a half decent lady. - The issue is what he does with Madz.

When 4pm arrives, Mr. Williams rings his bell. The Maid will turn up quickly, and Mr. Williams will order the same thing every time: Roast beef and rich steak gravy, mashed potatoes with cheese and freshly mixed vegetables. On a Madz-table.

The Madz-table has been photographed by Barry which can be seen below*. Mr. Williams will only eat his afternoon meal on the bare-naked back of Madz. He orders her to remain still as he eats his food, sometimes taking a long while depending on what the television had on. Madz would be positioned with trembling arms by the end of it, in which Mr. Williams rings his bell to have the Maid remove her. Madz would leave with food spillages on her back, a round circular burn from the heat of the plate and most painfully for her is the melted candlewax that pours down her stomach and backside. She has to serve him as he wishes for he is the Guest. 

Mr. Williams only leaves his room for Christmas, where he will have his Maid place his favorite chair by the Christmas Tree. He then sits, sulking and ruining the mood for others around him.