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The Bodylair Chair.

About 'The Bodylair Chair'Edit

From the makers of the classic Voycebocks and the newest invention Skin Heels comes a BRAND new installation: The Bodylair Chair!

This piece is made of 100% Human and consists of 5 full-bodied people to create a fully fledged Bodylair Chair.

The Caucasion colour of the chair came from Jane Wilderbroad, who had donated her body to The Mansion for scientific purposes only. And only it was - as she will go down in History books for being the 1st ever Bodylair Chair to contain 5 mixed humans.

Wrapped in Jane's skin and neatly stitched together using her head hair, the chair contains ALL forms of guts! Including: Intestines, veins, shredded-skin, liver, lungs, muscle, general body fluids/acids and who can forget? The Heart.

x5 of each of these things and you have a Bodylair Chair at the beautiful price of just BnK 20,000 (£9,900). With such gags as, "Squelch, Gush and *Fart sounds*". Taking a seat on the Bodylair - you are SURE to have a blast.