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About 'No-Teeth Keith'Edit

Found near The Water Fountains usually clumped on the ground begging for BNKopper. No-Teeth Keith has his name because there are many of his breed just like him, hobbling urchins of The Grounds - peasants or tramps: Slumpers. Only for Keith, he is the only one to have NO front teeth whatsoever. An original Slumper has 2 huge vampire-like fangs hooking out of their mouths, they use this to attack and threaten the enemy in hope to get currency or food.
No-Teeth Keith is harmless, as seen in this Picture taken by Hugh. He doesn't want any trouble and he definitely doesn't attack like the others. However, nobody listens to him. Nobody believes a Slumper and you'd be stupid to.

Last week, a small community came for a visit to The Maze. Just before the entrance is The Water Fountains situated in the middle of a nice patch of freshly watered lawn. Keith had chosen this area to slump because he thinks the Fountain will bring him luck. During The Maze community's visit, Keith suffered multiple wounds from stones being hurled at him and insults that hurt his poor ears. He had a mental breakdown and hasn't stopped crying since. The Underground Slumpers heard of one of their own being tormented by a 'human one'. They formed an army and set off towards The Mansion.
They hobbled out at 11pm from the heavy-steel sewage gate situated near the Drains of Sin. Lining up and scurrying slowly through the Gardens, the Slumper in lead travelled to The Fountain. No-Teeth Keith is seen hunched over and teary eyed. He looks up at 2-Headed Terry with those puppy dog eyes and said, "Please, don't hurt them. I don't want any trouble on my behalf." 2-Headed Terry grunts and looks at his fellow Slumpers. They all punch their palms in a 'bully' like fashion and Terry proceeds to throw a punch - until Hugh returns, slivering up and out of The Fountain drain. He swiftly catches Terry's punch, crushing his fist as if it were twigs. The Slumpers giddy-up and scurry away back into the Underground. Hugh helps No-Teeth Keith up and says "What you said then was heart warming. You don't mean harm, do ya? Welcome to The Mansion buddy"