Deep in the depths of The Sewer's enrages a quickly multiplying disease that is causing everybody to lash out and attack eachother. The cause is No-Teeth Keith who had reported it to Head Office himself stating, "I've been biting certain people when they don't give me spare change...those people don't come back normal. Y'know?"


What Keith was talking about is something that he has inside of him, something that is infused into his blood. It can also be ejected through the passing of saliva and even basic sneezes, coughing and farting. The picture* shows what Keith-Cam snapped, both men in the image are unknown to us but have been confirmed by The Sewage People as common-folk. One of the men visably has some kind of extra limb or tongue, sprawling through his mouth which is then eating (or) feeding on his victim. This man is profusely bleeding from the eyes and hairline, the first symptom of No-Teeth Keith Syndrome.

There is a RED Warning going out to all members. The current state is contained with bnkomplete lockdown on The Sewers, but for how long this will last is unknown. Keith is the infected one, and he didn't return to The Sewers from the Head Office.

Watch out for No-Teeth Keith.