"olryt u baz sed u chatin shit ye u wna do it 2 my face tho coz na m8."

Nut 'ed's Problem.

Barry has been a mischievous janitor this month, October being the month where Barry acts overly suspicious and we are yet to discover why. Apparently, Barry has been spreading rumours about Nut 'ed and he hasn't taken lightly to it,

A handwritten note posted under Barry's bedroom door with an almost indecipherable message on it. Barry knew who it was from, though he shrugged and laughed it off at the poor English writing of Nut 'ed. His reaction was viewed on BnKamera by Nut 'ed himself - causing Nut 'ed to write a song specifically for Barry.

- U Dead Bro, by Nut 'ed -

manz call barry be feelin da pain, be feelin da shame. janitor no chat shit 2 me cos YO, u end up dead bro.

u laff at me n da way dat i write, but wot bout da shit cleanin u do all nyt? my room is a mess m8, u gna clean it tho? i gues no, coz u dead bro.

if i C u about, u beta duck away coz im afta u barry, i sed fuck it wen i binned ur mop n bucket so get owt my way n go coz bro. U dead. --------

Barry has since been cleaning with cloths and sponges as he still hasn't found his mop and bucket. He knocked on Nut 'ed's door to 'make peace' of the situation, however, Nut 'ed blew a huge smoke cloud of weed into his face and told him to fuck off.

We'll allow it.