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About 'Pinky'Edit

Sometimes compared to the Pokemon Mew, Pinky is a small non-human creature that roams the Mansion on warm, humid nights.
Pinky is generally a happy... thing. As seen in the picture, Pinky is sleeping after a midniyt feast, something it loves to do often. Pinky is usually seen feasting on the corpses of dead Mansion executives, thrown in the dust-byn. BnKolours are washed out from clothes and sometimes discarded into the dust-byn. Although as seen in the picture, Pinky could not find anything to wear at the current time.
Many people have tamed the Pinky, but some find it difficult to become friends with. One example was Madz. It was a lazy Sunday evening when Mike, Mikelle, and Eugene were sitting around a campfire telling stories. Madz decided to join in, when Pinky walked into the room and sat down beside her. You are ugly! Madz said.
Pinky turned its nose up, and proceeded to hover into the air, glowing red as it got higher. Madz seemed worried, although the others in the room were calm. Pinky then raised its small hand, and recited some latin speech;
Ego sum Deus. Ego sum electus. Et maledicam te in sempiternum, Maddie. Vestri parentes patitur. Iugulis feretur.
(I am the God. I am the chosen one. I will curse you forever, Maddie. Your parents will suffer. Their throats will be slit.)
Madz now got scared, and worried. She asked Eugene if Pinky was legit, and he nodded, with his eyes shut as if to say Yes child, look what you've done. It is safe to say Madz will never mess with Pinky again!
Since then, Pinky has been seen sneaking around the Mansion late at night, hand in hand with Scran picking up various crumbs and bits of dust, etc. Pinky has cursed a lot of people, and has even attacked them under vicious circumstances. He has gouged various eyes out, and uses a s'nyff attack named by Barry. This attack gives everyone in the immediate vicinity nosebleeds, and agonizing headaches. It is used when Pinky is under a lot of stress.