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A photo of the creepy Plastic Pete.

About 'Plastic Pete'Edit

Created in Lab #2 by Scientist Ruben Hei. Plastic Pete is a shadow based monster created for The Mansion of Delights. Making Pete has taken Ruben Hei 7 years to build. Finalised in May 2013 and released June 2nd, Plastic Pete has been put to live testing.
Peter Washington
Peter, upon death agreed to leave his body to Science. Ruben Hei placed $100,000 for the body commenting, "He is perfect corpse. He good for Laboratory."
Through extensive surgery work and treatments, Ruben created Plastic Pete.
-Half Human/Ghost
-Deadly in darkness
-Ability to Touch/Merge
There will be a designated Corridor built for Pete very soon which will be 1 Mile in length. No electricity will run through this Corridor, the 'Plastic Petes Mile-Challenge Corridor'. We will have midnight challenges with 1 candidate only, once a day. Tonight is Barry's turn.
The rules are:
1 Candle
1 Match
Walk the Mile within 5 minutes
No turning back
During the walk, the chosen candidate will witness Plastic Pete. He is with you every step of the way, a numbness of thought will occur and restrictions to breathing. He has an ability to control you so obeying the Rules of his Corridor is vital. In testing, we had rookie Scientist Eugene test breaking the rules, he wrote up a statement.
'The test chamber door shut. The lights went out. I walked about 10 steps forward and hit the wall, unknowingly I had walked slightly to the side. I lit my candle. It helped a whole bunch - but it blew a lot as I stepped. I took my time. Everything was okay.. The last thing I remember was the 'beep' that signalled me to break a rule when ready. I turned around to turn back and suddenly, I wake up here.
On the video recording, it shows Plastic Pete stood directly face to face with Eugene. He merged into Eugene with ease and threw him the whole mile. He flew, crashing and tumbling most of the way. Pete is seen morphing through air and space right behind Eugenes tumbling body, laughing and pushing him the whole way.
Goodluck, Barry.