Pooy Louie mid-poo.

About 'Pooy Louie'Edit

A kerplunk splashes down. A gulp of water resplashing upon and into itself, having just swallowed a large and toasty shit delivered from the wrecked bowels of 'Pooy Louie'.

Louie doesn't have a medical problem which was confirmed after specific blood tests. What he does have is a disgusting habit of stuffing his relatively chubby face with mounds of food every single night. He won't eat ALL day, then at around 10pm he will have breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and supper all in one meal.

Finishing every last bite each time but 'always' feeling horribly sick afterwards, Louie takes himself to his toilet and sits on it for around 6 hours where he will poo, shit and the The Runs constantly. After 3 hours of constancy, Louie's bowels then take a turn for the worst. The bowels let out a splatting burst of blood and poo-bits, which slaps and sprays around the whole inner bowl of the toilet. Once the blood has ejected, lumpy and stale poo from the previous night is then unearthed, which slips out of his anus with ease thanks to the blood and Runs, yet still very painful due to the staleness.

The final phase and final 1 hour of Pooy Louie's pooing routine is the worst.

Pictured* in his final hour, Louie has to strain so hard. He sometimes thinks a vein in his head will pop or his heart will stop but it hasn't happened yet - until it does, he will continue to force out the final chunk of poo that insists on fighting Louie from the inside.

This poo is a combination of it all: a bit of constipation, Runs, stale-poo, stomach fluids and undigested foods such as salads, sweetcorn and vegetables. He clenches his fists, holds his breath and on the count of 3 he forces so hard that without fail - part of his intestines slink down into his bowel system. He has to finger it back up his anus, swallowing over 50 times to reposition it back in place, to then continuing to trying to get the rest of the poo out of his body.

This is a normal time for Pooy Louie, and once the shit is all gone, he has never been happier.