"That's 'Mr. Rasvelt' to you, boy."

In the Corridor of Spit-Spitting Toddlers and Not-So-Very Dangerous Snakes lurks Mr. Rasvelt, a retired Breakfast Cereal creator, co-creator of Kellog's Corn Flakes, and inventor of the original Weetabix (named Weetabick).

Mr. Rasvelt retired at 66 and has since spent his elder years here at The Mansion. He chose to have his room on easily one of the loudest/annoying Corridors, with Toddlers that spit, scream and shout and some Snakes that could or could not be dangerous. It's not worth the risk, yet Mr. Rasvelt walks up and down it every single day.

He plods along with a varnished and expensive looking walking stick, with old-man slippers on his feet and a grubby suit that might look great if cleaned. He walks drastically slow, shouting and grobbling at the Toddlers that are spitting profusely at him. Some spit globs hit him directly in the face - it's known that the Toddlers are aiming for the socket of where his eye used to be. Not factual, but believed by many folk of The Mansion is that the Toddlers can control the snakes that swoop and slide around the floors of the Corridor. They managed to get the snakes to steal Mr. Rasvelt's right eyeball.

Most of the time, Mr. Rasvelt has his way. He has confirmed that he knees at least 60 Toddlers in the face per-day, and that he also stands and squishes about 150 snakes per-day. By the time he is ready for bed, he leaves the Corridor and enters his bedroom. He then makes a bowl of Corn Flakes, drizzles them with sugar and takes a well-deserved rest in his favorite chair.