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About 'Reginald'Edit

I have been a Janitor since the age of 12 and am currently searching for a new and permanent position working as a professional cleaner. Personally speaking, I am best at this and having researched The Mansion of Delights' thoroughly I believe that I would fit in well with the others. I can work in a team but prefer to work alone, I am fully flexible with working hours and will commit 100%.

Application Confirmed.

Reginald began working immediately. His application like most general applications contained not a single lie, he works better than Barry and Eugene put together, working efficiently and with speeds close to inhuman. Reginald is human there's no doubt about it - but Barry and Eugene disagree.

In the Staff Room, a conversation caught on camera between Barry and Reginald is as quoted:

Reginald: Hey man. How's it going?
Barry: Its aight.
Reginald: ....Okay, nice. How long you been here for?
Barry: Dunno. Long time really.
Reginald: Right, man. Cool.

Reginald: Is something up by any chance?
Barry: Naw man. S'all good.
Reginald: *sighs*
Barry: You wanna know the truth?
Reginald: Probably not, man. You just seem pissed off.
Barry: Pissed off? That ain't the half of it. You come outta nowhere man, just takin' over. Shiit. You wanna know for real what I think man?
Reginald: I already said no. Forget it man.
Barry: I will anyway. Me and my man Eugene, been here years. Who you think you are huh?

  • footsteps appear loudly. A bang against the lockers in the staff room sounds out as Reginald holds Barry against them*

Reginald: You and that dog shit partner of yours? Dead. We don't need no fuckin' half waste cleaners like you. Call yourselves janitors? Man, fuck that. You fat, wobbly ass nikka. Watch your mouth yeah? Bet all you do is complain am I right? Pussy. Pussies, even. I'm the new guy, Reginald the Janitor and guess what tubby?
Barry: ....?
Reginald: I'm taking over.

  • several punches can be heard and groans follow. A crash to the floor as Barry is pummeled down*

Due to Reginald's false actions, Paul Cronus decided to give him 1,000 hours cleaning within 5 days. An impossible task that if he were to fail, will lose his job and remain in The Pit of Never-melting Ice Cubes.

Reginald finished his 1,000 hours cleaning in 1 singular day. Cronus, firstly upset about Barry's recent beating, applauded Reginald on how surreal his work had been accomplished.

Paul says, "Whoever this man is. He's good. Very good."

Barry and Eugene are planning a revengeful tactic to take Reginald down. However, Cronus has supplied Reg with a Mike's Safety Card so that if he is ever in danger he has the protection of Mike on his side.

Welcome to The Mansion, Reginald.