About 'Revitaligo'Edit

A species formed from human tissue and animal meat. Revitaligo is a horrific, grey-skinned creature that walks the area outside the Mansion of Delights. It's groaning, low-pitched stomach rumbling voice can be heard from very far away, including anywhere inside the Mansion. If Revitaligo spots you, you become its dinner and part of it. Once a single Revitaligo is formed completely, another will begin to form in a large pile of skin, muscle, and bile on the floor. One human body can help to form a large quantity of its complete form, as seen in various tests compiled by Scientists of the Mansion. It is unclear as to where Revitaligo came from, or if it was simply created from evil. It has two legs, and two arms making it somewhat human like.

As well as the sickening noises Revitaligo makes, it is also capable of executing some horrible physical moves too. For example, it's giant boneless mouth can move around its head freely, even to the back. This makes getting the jump on it extremely difficult, as it can lunge a giant snake-like tongue out at 66 MPH (proven to be the fastest so far). Once this tongue locks on to human skin, it immediately releases toxins and a sharp series of teeth and rips its way into your body where ever it can. Once inside, it aims straight for the heart, and turns the body useless, apart from the brain. Revitaligo simply then walks over and retrieves its tongue back, and then crouches down to feast on the still-moving corpse. Once it is 'full', it calls on 7-UP to carry the body to its lair, where many other bodies are stored (and more Revitaligo are created, as stated above).

One last thing Revitaligo has been seen doing is hiding in corpses, both human and animal, thus surprising victims when it slithers out and attacks them violently, and with no remorse.