Ribena (left), and Vimto (right).

About 'Ribena & Vimto'Edit

Commonly known as 2 cordial juices or ready made fizzy pop drinks, Ribena and Vimto are berry-related drinks for all ages. This is beside the facts of what they originally were.

Ribena (left*)
Marlon Ribena, a man who is widely known as one of the Worlds most dangerous criminals. He was found in his childhood home with the corpses of 17 children in his house, all female. In the basement of his house lay his Grandmother who had died 7 years before being found. Ribena stored her there, explaining to the court that his Grandma brought goodluck to the house and without her he would get caught for all his nasty crimes. On the side of Ribena's crimes, he also made the freshest juice drink ever. The recipe was from his Grandmother and Marlon Ribena kept her recipe going forever.

Vimto (right*)
Ville Vimto is Marlon's worst enemy. Now living in purgatory together and being forced to have friendship, it was largely different years back. During Ribena's biggest business season, Ville Vimto decided to create his own juice named simply 'Vimto'. The 2 juices were rather similar but both had a distinctive difference. The Vimto was slightly sweeter, had an almost thicker texture and held a much tastier experience upon consumption. However, the Ribena ticked all of the above boxes but had one giant difference: body parts.

Marlon Ribena used the captured victims of his home to kill and mix them into his Grandmother's recipe. This around the time was purely business, and Ville Vimto wanted that special Ribena taste that Vimto just couldn't achieve...

Ville Vimto set off to Marlon Ribena's Farm one dark and stormy night to search for the secret ingredient. What he saw started and ended a disastrous story to tell.

Ville found Marlon placing lids ontop of glass bottles of Ribena. Above the many hundreds of bottles hung 8 rotund glass tanks with huge cylinder pipes pumping a thick purple fluid into the tanks. Every so often, Marlon would look up just to check things were running smoothly. Ville continued to watch, when he saw one of the tubes wriggling profusely. Moments later, a small female spat out into the tank and began to stir, toss and turn in the purple fluid. The girl dissoved quickly leaving just a tank of purply goodness. Ville Vimto jotted this down and turned back the way he came.

Vimto released a newer taste just one week later, advertising this slogan, "Vimtoday, Vimtomorrow" with fruity berries with faces on them.

To this day, Vimto and Ribena remain in stores worldwide. The true story has never been told but the secret ingredient is now known for fans of this juice-drink. Ville and Marlon now live in The Mansion of Delights alongside Aunt Bessie, Dr. Oetker and Uncle Ben.