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About 'Richelle's Temporary Face'Edit

Standing alone in The Garden of Delights during the early hours of a morning, 3:48am to be exact is Richelle. Furthermore, it was a Thursday and something in the early morning silent breeze sifted a cooling and strange scent across the Gardens. The moon was relaxing in the blackened sky without a single cloud in sight that shone down onto The Mansion giving the colourful flowerbeds and green grassy hills a more boring colour. A dark and grey colour, but peaceful and still beautiful either way.

Richelle, sat on the patio swing-chair which was situated under a large glass shelter, surrounded by lovely smelling flowers and with a marble mermaid that shows a stunning lady holding a large fish. The fish is acting as if it has been captured, in its slinking attempt of escape the fish has a panicked face with a shocked mouth, water spouts from the mouth and pours down into a glorious blue pool, in which the mermaid sprawls entirely in. Rich is swinging softly in deep thought. The flow of the water fountain almost puts her in a tranquil state until a random russling sound is heard nearby. A very generic sound but enough to snap you back to reality. She takes a big breath inward, to exhaling and rubbing her eyes followed by a long and tired yawn. A stretch occurs, standing, Rich reaches as high as she can with various cracks and knots unleashing from her diamond body as she stretches it out.

Turning around and realizing how late it was, Richelle sighs, and walks past the mermaid and switches off the water flow. This leaves her in only moonlight and silence.
Suddenly, a loud and discomforting snap of a twig is heard in the darkness of the Garden. Richelle stops and slightly crouches, squinting her eyes toward the direction of sound. She sees nothing and decides to forget about it, though she did feel really creeped out. She cutely stepped across the grass, her painted red toe nails and gold ankle bracelet glimmered in the moonlight catching an eye...An eye of something that had been watching Richelle for hours, literally as close as directly behind her.

At 7:00am, Richelle entered The Mansion extremely later than usual. Her face was like this*, and she didn't speak a single word to anybody. She sat at reception lifelessly, occasionally her mouth would quiver, otherwise she was a sitting corpse.

A warning for Mansioners to stay out of The Garden's has been set. We simply have no idea what has happened to Richelle.