The Baby

Last night, discovered in lab #33 in the bnKnowledge department, was a small baby boy. On first inspection, a beautiful little baby boy, innocent as can be. Nobody knew how he got there, as no one was reported pregnant at the time, nor have they been for months now. Barry found the baby upon his daily sweep of the area, and reported it to Mike immediately who arrived, claws-etched out and with a stern look on his face.

Barry calmed the behemoth down, and Mike took a seat waiting for a special analyst to come and check the baby out. An awkward ten minutes passed, and Barry, Mike, the baby, and the noisy ventilation system shared an uncomfortable silence. After the door went, everyone sat up and looked more interested.

''What's going on here?'' Said Ronny Kelly, a BNK analyst who had just been transferred from Arizona. He put on his glasses and studied the baby, who was now giggling at the sight of the scientist.

Barry answered with ''I just found him... Here... Like this, man. Nothing else to it!''

Ronny sighed, as if he ignored everything Barry had just said, and walked closer to the baby. Mike was called on another job, so ran off within seconds taking care not to disturb the baby's sensitive ears.

Ronny approached closer. ''Hello there! What's your name?'' he asked the baby, before looking back at Barry.

Barry chuckled and then so did Ronny, as if to admit he had done something wrong.

''Eh... He's obviously not very old!'' said Ronny, before turning back to the baby. As he turned, he let out a gasp of fear! He saw the following image*

Ronny dropped dead seconds after, and Barry fled the room before locking it shut. He heard low-pitched growling sounds shortly after, and ran as far away as he could get before phoning us on the bnKaller device.

We are currently awaiting Mike's schedule to clear up, so he can go to check it out.