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The StoryEdit

On the morning of Tuesday, June 15th, 2009, Scran had a disaster.

The tumbletucket cart that used to make its rounds around the Mansion floors, corridors, and hallways selling various snacks to anyone who had money to buy, accidentally dislodged and fell over. Various snacks and crisps were scattered all over the floor as a result! Scran was in heaven.

As he walked into the room of drowned baby faces within-walls, Scran's eyes INSTANTLY lit up. He smelt the smoky bacon, cheesy wotsits, and salt and vinegar crisps which now formed a bed all over the floor. The cart lay motionless, with one wheel still slowly turning as if it were trying to escape its fate. Luckily, Barry saw the whole thing and called Mike in to restrain Scran. There was over BNK100,000 worth of items on the cart at the current time, and Scran wanted to eat it all!

Then things turned from bad to worse. Here at the Mansion, we never have power cuts as we have 50 backup generators ready for the aforementioned situation if it occurs. That day, there WAS a power cut however. In the brief two minutes (It takes two minutes for our generators to kick in; our system automatically goes through each generator and chooses the highest powered one to use) that the power was out, Scran started sweating and drooling uncontrollably. He had a choice to make. He could either betray Mike and Barry, knocking them unconscious and eating as much as the food as he could in the short time he had left before the lights came back on, or he could stay put and obey our rules but starving more in the process!

The following image was taken by either Mike or Barry's bnKlip on bnKam, moments before they were both knocked out. Barry describes feeling comfortable and normal around Scran normally, but while the lights were off it was like being in the room with a violent stranger. Mike just growled a few words, angry at the fact he had been overpowered in the darkness.
Scran is still on the loose. He has grown immensely, and it is thought he may have even entered Triceppatops stage or further. It is not known what stage is after Triceppatops, however some Scientific evidence we found suggests after Triceppatops comes Quadriceppatops.

We are worrying accordingly.