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Skinned Madz.

About 'Skinned Madz'Edit

The Mansion has decided: Skin Madz to the muscle and bone. That? - They did.

Using a technique called 'Juicing' we are able to maintain the life of Madz post-operation as a lizard-like being surviving in very refined and specific liquids contained in a spherical chamber. The liquid is called Go3 Binehazadine and keeps (Madz muscles and body) supplied with fluid for survival.

So, why did we do this you might ask? Take a look at the photograph below*: This was after the operation. Madz can be seen taking her first steps. Though she was experiencing INTENSE pain, the operation was indeed a success and we can now do what was planned - and to some, it may seem like an awful waste of time. The plan was to 'Scare the pigeons away from the front lawn.'

The pigeons are no longer bothering us or leaving white droppings on the lawn or fancy windows. Madz is hating her new life as a sack of meat, with flies and slaves sniffing at her with their starved nostrils. Sometimes in life, you have to make a sacrifice in order to keep the pesky pigeons away. Sorry, Madz.