From the makers of the best selling Voycebocks comes the hip and stylish Skintyt Kostume! Available in mixed-race colours, various sizes and crafted from pure human skin you will never get cold!


Skintyt Costumes

With Winter peering around the corner and weather so unreliable, Skintyt Kostume is the one for you AND the family! When you wear the Kostume, it delivers such gags as Farts from the original skin owner and a neat little pocket where the penis/vagina is to store your car keys, wallet or mobile phone.

If indeed your Kostume was of male gender, you can store pocket change in the tied off penis tube that can also be tucked safely into the pocket. If the Kostume you want is of female gender, it has the perfect slot for credit cards or receipts.

Do with your Skintyt Kostume as you will - but don't miss out! Stocks last until December 1st!