The Exorcist Theme Song FULL

The Exorcist Theme Song FULL

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About 'Stenchy Frenchy'Edit

In the Cataclysmic Kitchens of Yonder seeps Stenchy Frenchy, whom lurks within Microwaves, Bread Bins, Waste Bins and Cupboards (specifically Mug cupboards, in which coffee/tea/hot chocolate mugs are situated).

Seeps you ask? Stenchy Frenchy only knows how to seep. Much like water would seep through a simple crack in a wall - Frenchy oozes into a rainbow-coloured splodge of liquidity clown and then travels through any means of object in hopes to hysterically laugh aloud in the faces of cooking chefs. He has succeeded in doing this, but had no physical affect of actually harming or hurting the chef? He will just laugh and laugh and laugh until the room is completely pong-wiffed out.

Whenever Frenchy arrives, an uplift of 'Stenchy' sifts the room. Stenchy is Frenchy's imaginary friend who gives him the ability to 'ooze' as such. The smell has been described as stomach churning and nauseating. With stenches so strong it makes your brain feel as if it's pounding against your skull constantly. With scents such as: dead fish, rotten vagina, curry-shits, a fat man's feet, a fat man's belly button, an asshole of a chronically obese woman and the ever classic Skunk-gas, which has been described as the same effect as pepperspray on the eyes and your average 'stink bomb' (rotten eggs smell x1,000).

During his visits, this song is played from all angles of the room at Volume: 4. Very quietly.

Chef Timmy Skeleton who is our Saturday Mexican-Night Chef had recently been killed due to the amount of hysterical laughs he received RIGHT in his face. The laughter got too far into his brain and 'the voices' in his head told him to wrap himself up in a Tortilla-wrap and fry himself on the Hob of Fifty Thousand Souls. We found him on Sunday morning, smelling much like a Mexican Snack - but looking moreso like a Human cooked within a Mexican Snack as it were.

Chef Harry Goo who is our Sunday Dinner chef and was working nervously the next day, having seen Timmy Skeleton with his own eyes wrapped in a Tortilla, was nicely prepping 'Roasties', cooking a full Chicken and boiling some veg - when suddenly Stenchy Frenchy oozed up and out of the tiled floor, laughing so much that Harry tried to commit suicide alongside the Broccoli in hob. He couldn't fit though, so he joined the Chicken in the oven. We found him that night, smelling like a Human Sunday Dinner.

If you ever hear Frenchy nearby, laughing and laughing? Run. Just...just run.