Metallica - The Small Hours HQ

Metallica - The Small Hours HQ

About 'The Corridor of Xplicit Mansion Clones'Edit

The slow buildup to this song was where the second incident started, adding on from the incident described before. At 1:01, Mike is seen walking through the corridor of Xplicit Mansion clones, blood covering his claws, and a smirk on his face, with rubble flying around, slow motion.

The corridor cannot be defeated, however to prevent buildup, Mike is sent in daily to dispatch of the clones. Today's clones were that of The Rake. Fourteen The Rake's were spat out of the wall-mouth that (for some reason) sends clones of various different Mansion beings out daily. As stated before, we cannot contain this corridor. The only way to prevent it from taking over the Mansion is to send Mike in daily. This is his job now.

There was a second in the ongoing fight, where I thought Mike was going to lose! However the The Rake on his back, which was biting through Mike's huge trapz muscle was simply flung off, when Madz felt sorry for Mike. She saved his life that day. The music carried on, and as it was past her bedtime, we sent Madz straight to bed. She did complain that the music was too loud, and after a while Mike visited her.

Graaaaaooour! (Thank you child, I appreciate the help) he said. Madz fell asleep with Mike in the room with her that night. She says she feels safe with him there.