About 'The Crippled'Edit

Room #0
Eliza Mensk, Patient No. #13

Sometimes, we have to allow genuine patients into the Mansion that arrive from the 'outside'. These patients aren't anything to do with what goes on in the Mansion of Delights, kept safely in their own department on Ground Zero far away from monsters, slaves etc etc.

Our newest patient is Eliza Mensk, sent here because her condition is so profound that even Mike would be unsafe. We can only diagnose her asif a Demon has ahold of her soul, but here at the Mansion we like to believe in the natural elements of life. Eliza is just simply tormented, battling herself for a way out to freedom. Or a way in, further into Hell.

Her body can disconnect in bewildering angles, snapping and crunching and remaining in positions that make you believe she has been torturously abused for years. No, it isn't that - it's what Eliza does to threaten and scare people.
In this photograph, she can be seen almost naturally, apart from one of her legs are completely skew-wiffed behind her head. She can stand and move with ease in this position, though tumbles and stamps extremely clumsily. A hideous sight, enough to make the doctors and nurses of Ground Zero feel like puking. Nurse Ratchet said, "I have never seen this before in my life, apart from in The Exorcist or something. I have opted to switch patients - I can't handle Eliza Mensk no matter how much they pay me..."

Doctor Harold, Eliza's carer doesn't have any problems with her and has had patients like this previously in his career. However, he randomly quit his job after 4 years of service and 3 days afterwards we had contact from a local Hospital regarding Doctor Harold.
'This is a message regarding William Harold, he is in stable condition but we can't understand the problem at hand. He keeps uttering a word or name, 'Mensk, Mensk, Mensk,' if you have any information please contact us on the number we have called on. Thank you.'

Paul Cronus, head CEO tried to contact the number but it stated that the number was incorrect. Hanging up the phone, Paul made his way to Ground Zero, Room #0 to investigate personally.

The door of Eliza's Room was open, hanging from the hinges. Nurses and Doctors were found scattered everywhere in crippled positions - dead. Paul didn't take a step further, he turned and reported to Mansion Headquarters to release a warning to everybody that there is a new problem arising.

Eliza Mensk is now somewhere in the Mansion...We suggest you stay in your rooms until we find out where she is.