The Crying.

About 'The Crying'Edit

Where bodies are discarded in The Forest, two new faces have appeared that seem to be mourning over the corpses that we leave propped around the bushes and trees. Firstly, in the silence of the night all we heard through the darkness was a gut-wrenching sobbing, deep cries that said, Please bring her back and You did not deserve this...

Upon inspection and gathering photographic evidence, we discovered that these beings are either human, or not. They wear masks - masks with a peaceful smile and long white robes that cover their whole body. The Crying themselves are very tall in stature. They maneuver around the twiggy-grounds smoothly, evading trees and sticks in a wobbling type motion. They are constantly crying as a snotty sniffling is always coming from their noses, the clearing of throats can be heard followed by big gusts of tears that ring through the night when The Crying are mourning.

The victim in the photo spent a further 4 hours lay on the ground. The Crying spent this time dropping their tears over her dead body as they stood above her. Both of them swayed their arms and hands over her laying corpse, almost stroking the essence of death that sifted from her deceased carcass slowly. When it appeared that the victim's soul had left the body, The Crying acted very strangely with what looked like black-magic. They stood frozen still and their white gowns shifted from yellow, to red just around their chest and heart area. The sobbing and weeps became more apparent as they shed tears that now flooded out, drenching the victim entirely and leaving her salted and damp. The tears are reported to dissolve the body over the period of time that The Crying are mourning you.

It's a very intense and emotional moment to capture when you see the mourning take place. If you have seen it? (including the people reading this article) then you too will be followed by The Crying. They wait for eternity for their next victim to pass away so they can swallow your spirit and soul, leaving you entombed within their lives. Almost like a 'Heaven', only you will live for eternity in the hearts of The Crying: a depressing and tortured afterlife for sure.