The Drollnaarch.

About 'The Drollnaarch'Edit

Now living in the cave system underneath the Mansion, The Drollnaarch was first spotted two weeks ago.

Many witnesses (including Eugene) have called it the most disturbing thing they have ever seen. This short description of The Drollnaarch is bound to make you think the same thing. If you are currently eating, I advise you stop before reading. Simply mentioning the beasts name out loud can force the muscles in a human throat to tense up, choking a person to death.

The Drollnaarch is visibly a man-made creation. A female (of Japanese origin) has been morphed with a crocodile, resulting in the bottom half of her body literally being that of a crocodile. Her eyes are pure black; many speculate this is actually blood inside her eyes. Witnesses have gone on to tell us they have found strands of Drollnaarch hair in their food, as well as on their bedsheets. The hair once found, turns into black long worms that can bite and draw blood, making them bigger. Another feature of The Drollnaarch is the breasts. Her, or 'it's breasts have been sewn through the middle, after what looks like some surgery of some sort. The nipples have been removed, and instead can pop out from the stitch-lining whenever Drollnaarch feels it needs to sicken people even more.

So, apart from its horrid looks, what else can the Drollnaarch do?

Eugene told us he was seduced in the darkness, before turning on the light and seeing The Drollnaarch facing him (as pictured). A sexy female voice was used, so it is thought that the Drollnaarch can impersonate any human being 100% and faultless. Normally, the low-pitched groaning stomache-churning noise is belted out from the Drollnaarch's mouth, making it sound like someone it throwing up and dying at the same time. The Drollnaarch also smells horrible; sewer water and fish are a close guess Eugene told us.

We currently have BNK scientists looking in the cave system underground the Mansion night and day for the beast. Once captured, we will conduct research on it. Mike is also itching for competition in the BNK arena.