The Experiment

Journal Entry #9 (1-10)

Doctor F. Graves  ---------------------------- CRONUS INPUT:: SUCCESS

The operation has overwhelmed me. The experiment was a success and even due to mistakes in the lab on my behalf. Mistakes of miniscule matter. - I was ordered to recreate a human embryo. In specific, a real-life baby. I did this by using general bacteria with DNA taken from Mike: one of the burly members of The Mansion of Delights. Though I am not allowed any information due to privacy issues (who Mike is and why I should create a 'science baby') I have succeeded admirably and congratulate myself on this scientific breakthrough.

I, Doctor F. Graves, hereby display my Laboratory Baby via Photograph which is displayed below. -----------------------------

Journal Entry #10 (1-10) Doctor F. Graves ----------------------------- CRONUS INPUT:: FAILURE CODE RED

With lack of information due to privacy issues, I was left with no warning on the outcome of my Laboratory Baby. It turns out Mike is one of the most destructive members at The Mansion. I was only aware of his 'burly' build and stature. I also have to sign an agreement for outcomes such as this within a scientific experiment that has never been performed before. - The Laboratory Baby aged just 2 weeks has shown growth to that of a 3 year old, with developing muscles to that of a teenager (including teeth, hair growth and bone formation).

With tests running constantly to show that (now named) Mike2 WILL be a fully formed and coordinated human in his later years. These tests have given us more knowledge on the history of Mike himself, including Mikelle who have both suffered 'some form of accident'. The previously unknown reasons for Mike having no vision and Mikelle lacking the ability to talk has proven that during their birth process, painful and rapid, will result in Mike2 having a defect like his 'mother and father'. 

This defect is yet to be known, but Mike2 so far has both his vision and an opening and closing mouth which is currently both a good thing and a bad thing. The only peace driven from the destructive Mike and Mikelle is that neither of them can truly communicate. Mike2 will be the breakthrough to this series of characters.

Perhaps my Experiment was a success. I would hereby declare that it was, however, my work here is done. It is no longer in my hands,

Signed Doctor F. Graves