The Fan

Dressed up as his favourite character Walton and wielding one of Hammering Harry's hammers is the crazy fan, the groupie: Ben.

Ben was Guest #88210 for several weeks before knocking on Cronus' door to ask for a permanent contract living here at the Mansion of Delights, but why? Because Ben loves it all, everything that exists good or bad all the way from Madz' innocence to the Gruejor's harshest of rapes, to Walton's despicable crimes to Mike's safety and wellbeing of the people, to Barry's unfair workload compared to Eugene's workload - Ben is ALL over it calling himself 'The Fan'.

The hammer in Ben's hand is Hammering Harry's most prized hammers, claiming to have bludgeoned 200 (or so) innocent people. This is the only item Ben is allowed to own so long as he doesn't take it off the premises, though he states he will never leave. The strange thing about Ben is we can trust him entirely. Ben finds himself at every scene of a crime taking personal photographs for himself to collect and admire, aswell as swabs of blood or materials such as hair, bone, about anything that may be around the crimescene.

The Fan spent 2 days hiding in Hammering Harry's corridor with no food or water, "Just admiring the after stench of death," he says. Harry knew of Ben in his corridor which to date is the only person Harry has allowed to remain. We know Harry lives alone and doesn't like to be bothered but he knew Ben wasn't of danger. He gave Ben the hammer and said "Now get out before I kill you. You have overstayed your welcome." Ben listened and left cautiously with his new toy from one of his favourite Mansion character. 

His favourite being Walton. The Fan left this statement before retiring to The PUSSY Room to throw odd objects into the gaping hole:

"Walton is like a God to me. I know his actions are absurd, but you have to give the guy some credit. He truly loves what he does on a daily basis, Walton is a happy man and happiness is what matters. That's why I'm here, because the Mansion makes me happy. It's a horrific place with a touch of plush beauty. A sickening beauty."

Walton read Ben's statement but didn't comment on having a fan, he did however complain of Ben's age being "too old for me to care".

The Fan can be found anywhere, say hello when you see him!