The Holes of Rot

Musky and decayed; maggoty, infectious, putrid nose-stinging stenches. Pouring pools of blood, dripping bodily fluids and stomach acids. Body bits and parts eventually float down the long hall of blood and trickle down the large rusted steel grate at the end of the hallway. Bigger body parts including mainly bones, mostly skulls and lastly eyeballs get trapped in the grid and have to manually be removed by Barry.

The Holes of Rot, (shoots) lead all the way up to every section of The Mansion. This is the very-very ground floor of everything, even below the pre-sewers of The Sewers. Only the deceased are used for the Holes of Rot, this includes any dead animals creatures or bugs, also unused body parts and grinded organs from the Surgical Wards.

A subzero hazard suit x3 is needed for this Hallway. Without 3 of them, a natural human body will die from the dense air that swiftly stinks its way around.

The shoots contain a thick mass of leftover skin that possibly contains thousands and thousands of flesh eating maggots. Hairs; head hair, eyelashes, pubes, facial hair and leg hairs are all trapped within this fleshy substance giving it a solidified texture. When the bodies drop from the shoots, they fall with a deadened flop and splash as their long-gone bones collide harshly with the floor. To flow the parts down, artificial blood aswell as buckets of pig blood are flushed down the.shoots to help the natural flow to reach the grates.

This is an extremely dangerous area of The Mansion and should not be ventured into.